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How would you like to be a part of a growing and exciting organisation that values your time, commitment, skills and qualities?

Would you have 2 or more hours to spare every week?

Do you have an interest in; music, art, drama, sewing, computers, socialising, crafts, fundraising, media?

Are you creative, energetic, motivated?

Do you enjoy the company of others?

Are you caring, compassionate and patient?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions we would very much welcome you into our volunteering family!

Volunteering is easy!

The benefits of volunteering include;

  • Development of skills which includes work skills, communication skills to name but a few.
  • Opportunity to avail of new experiences and develop your knowledge base
  • Improving your CV! The opportunity to give of your time to help and assist others is an admirable quality that employers view favourably!
  • You will become a valuable member of our community and develop friendships.
  • You will have opportunity to network and meet others from different walks of life, opening yourself up to new people

We will offer you an induction to our organisation. We have a buddy system to help you become familiar with the environment, provide you with support and from time to time we will offer you some training. You will receive recognition for your efforts and be invited to our annual recognition celebration!

  • Head Injury Support
  • Head Injury Support
  • Head Injury Support
  • Head Injury Support

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